For far too long, I have been focused primarily on my career. Working nights, weekends and even holidays, I have placed climbing the corporate ladder above just about everything else. This has ultimately left me feeling exhausted, spent and ready for something new. It seemed to me that I should find a hobby or other pastime which would give my mind and body the respite necessary to remain productive when at the office. After a friend invited me to go on a winery tour, I knew I had finally found my passion.

I soon embarked on an educational journey which would take me through the wine making process from start to finish. To me, every facet of the topic was extremely interesting, and my quest for knowledge became insatiable. My library quickly became filled with books on the history of wine, the agriculture of wine and even books and magazines critiquing different types of wine.

The great thing about this hobby is that not only have I become something of an authority on a popular subject, I can enjoy the benefits of this knowledge almost every day! My friends and family turn to me for advice on food pairings, and I get a real kick out of selecting my nightly bottle!