Wine making process is quite divergent with regard to whether you are making red, white or rose wine. Each type of wine varies considerably as products due to the divergent wine making processes that are used from the onset.

However, they all start with the same process of harvesting grapes from the fields. Thereafter, there is the selection of the grapes. After the grapes that meet the quality threshold are selected, they are taken to the winery, where the fermentation process begins.

For the red wine, the entire must of the black or red grapes is used. However, for the white wine, only the grapes juices are fermented, after the grapes are crushed. And for the Rose wines, the juice is deliberately left in contact with the skin of the grapes to acquire a light red/pink hue.

For the primary fermentation process, yeast may be added, or it may be left to ferment with the help of the yeast that the grapes have. For red wine, the skins are passed through a press for the remaining juice to be extracted off of the skins.

Thereafter, the wine goes through the malo-lactic conversion. Finally, maturing may be done in oak barrels.